5 Social Marketing MYTHS

Media 6 Solutions is setting the record straight. With the growing popularity of social and content marketing, a mind set has developed in both viewers and creators that’s full of falseties.

In preparation for this infographic I did some research on the most popular opinions of social marketing, and I was stunned to find the number of completely false ones! Users and creators alike are guilty of falling for some of these rumors. Before this infographic I myself had these little voices in the back of  my head trying to convince me of these myths. Well we’re going to shut those little voices up and bust these social marketing myths, because that’s what they are – myths.

6 Social Marketing MYTHS Infographic

Myth 1

“My customers aren’t social”

The data disagrees with you. Adults online are willing to be social, and most of them already are. If your customers aren’t interacting, your content is the culprit.

Don’t believe me? 72% of adults online use social networks. No I know a lot of your target audience is maybe older than that. Well I’ve got news for you – 43% of those ‘adults’ using social are over 60.

Myth 2

“Social isn’t measurable”

Social analytics are like refried beans. They come pre-cooked, but you still have to heat them up. The power of analytics is not in the numbers, but what you do with them. Just like cooking classes, Google offers so many tutorials and information on analytics, that you’ll be making gourmet bean dip in no time!

Myth 3

“Social marketing is only for acquiring new customers”

You’re seriously telling me Jimmy Fallon only tweets #LateNighHashtags to get new fans? Your social interactions can have multiple goals, and a lot of times it’s to start conversations with existing fans.

Don’t believe me? 84% of fans of brand Facebook pages are current or former customers.

Myth 4

Social marketing is free!

Don’t you remember learning that nothing in life worth while comes free? Just like anything else, if you want to get something out of social marketing, you have to put something in. It could be time, or ad spend, but a good social strategy is not free.

Don’t believe me? 45% of marketers cite social media has a below average cost per lead. It is actually more expensive than leads generated form your blog.

Myth 5

Social is only for B2C

Just because it’s easier for fish to breathe under water, doesn’t mean fish are the only things that swim. Just because it’s easier for B2C to sell directly, doesn’t mean B2B isn’t effective.
Content helps and informs, and social helps and humanizes. Those tactics apply to customers and businesses alike.

So that’s it for now! 5 seriously dangerous social marketing myths. If you want a MYTH BUSTED just comment or tweet the myth and I’ll bust it up.

Written by: Devon Gamble


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