Leads. They’re crucial to any sales process, and may be more mysterious than the bottom of the ocean. Many 21st century  businesses have spent time and money learning how to connect with them, sell to them, and keep them long-term. Well I’m about to give you that for free.

So how do you connect, sell, and keep leads? You market content. Content is not only share-able (unlike a phone call), it also increases the quality of your leads in 5 crucial ways:

  1. A woman’s best friend is diamonds; a lead’s is content that portrays a strong brand identity. By nurturing your leads with content, you save time, money, and get to work with clients who have a strong understanding of who you are.
  2. Content can get information about your clients they would never give out knowingly (nobody tell the white-collar criminals). If a lead downloads your whitepaper on starting their own garden, then they’re probably ready for you to sell them some soil.
  3. Nothing lasts forever; clients will divorce you faster than your wife would. By using informative content, you can get a better idea of how long the two of you will last. Not interested in giving an e-mail for your infographic? They’re obviously only interested in a one night stand.
  4. I personally ignore at least 10 sales calls a day. Being called by a representative never feels authentic, but imagine the authenticity you’d feel from a sales rep that gave you things. Suddenly much more trustworthy isn’t he?
  5. Last but certainly not least: if you write smart, readers will assume you actually are. Informative, well written content gives you authority in your industry.

Some Quotes from John Hill (CEO of Influence & Co)

“Content is an easy way to make sure your entire team is consistent in its messaging”

“By using informative content…” you can decide weather you and your client will “make a good match — for the long term.”

“Distributing content… will build a sense of trust and transparency between your company and customers.”

Read the entire article on Forbes.com here

Written by: Devon Gamble


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