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Media 6 Solutions : An Overview

Media 6 is a digital marketing agency dedicated to integrating themselves and their ideas seamlessly into your brand, and your business’ goals. That’s why every time we work with a client, we take the time to understand their process AND personality. Then we use what we learn to develop the most engaging content to share with the right audiences.

Whether you’re looking for a website solutions, are just a re-vamped look, our website design and development services are beyond compare. With innovate designs that match you brand’s identity, and integrate aimlessly in mobile, email, and other social platforms, you’ve online presence will be unstoppable. Of course we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to legitimate search engine optimization strategy and back-end development.
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Creating a website is like setting a home base, but if you never leave you home you have to rely on other people finding you, and if you ask us, that’s just not good enough. That’s why we set out to make digital marketing simple and effective. Depending on your brand’s needs, we offer services such as: social management; e-mail marketing; and online advertising campaigns.
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They real key to a successful marketing campaign lyes in the content you have to back it up. That’s why instead of outsources the most important part of our client’s marketing campaigns, we do it in house (and it’s our favorite part). Our content creation services include: photography; videography; graphic design; and copy writing.
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Our Team


Digital Strategies Director

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Chris’ passion lies in using technology to help people. Having spent his early career working in large scale systems administration, he quickly figured out that cold loud server rooms were not a great meeting place. As the internet boomed in the 90’s, he found the answer to his daring escape. Building web content allowed time to work with computers, and still occasionally sneak out to visit with human beings.

Specialties include: SEO / SEM, photography, cinematography, and sharing his latest home-brew.


Sales and Marketing Director


Enthusiasm, energy, and a desire to work. Devon is our thought leader in starting new conversations. Always active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, and a few social networks they haven’t invented yet – Devon is constantly talking to someone. Hopefully, her next conversation will include you.


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