Blog posts by : Chris Gamble

SourceTree dead at the hands of El Capitan

El Capitan seemed faster and more reliable on my laptop, so i took the plunge and upgraded my server. As expected, everything was a tad more responsive, and I was happy – until i tried to update git from my windows machine. Every push, pull and hair pull ended with the same : Server unexpectedly

The 5 W's of video production

The 5 W’s of video production Getting ready to start producing videos for your website? Below are 5 things to consider before you go out and rent the camera for your next block-buster. WHO When choosing your actors, there are a lot of decisions to make. It all begins with the script, but very quickly

Impressions count!

During a recent client meeting, the topic of measurement unexpectedly came up. I mean, really, in this business who ever talks about measurement. But they asked. Of course, my standard answer is always a mixture of analytics: conversion and click through rates, bounces, and repeat visitors, always ending with “but impressions count!”. No one ever

TED talks about viral videos

Found this nice little video of Kevin Allocca of Youtube discussing 3 aspects of why certain videos reach a larger audience. It’s a quick 7 minute video that gives a great start of why some videos make it, and others don’t. His points are: 1. Tastmakers (someone already popular finds it) 2. Participation (the video

Hummingbird update in a nutshell

Google was thinking about me today. Releasing “Hummingbird” finally gave me a reason to use my latest adventure in backyard photography. Good pictures, but what about the technology? Hummingbird is the biggest algorithm update since Caffeine was released in 2010. It is supposed to be a significant upgrade in handling complex queries. SEarch Engine Journal(SEJ)


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