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Custom vs. Curated Content

Content marketing: it’s become a buzzword in the social media marketing industry. It technically describes the creation and distribution of content for marketing purposes. In todays world, if you run across someone who claims to do “that content marketing thing”, chances are they’re just posting funny comics they found online to your Facebook page. In addition to being an ineffective marketing strategy, ‘curating’ online content can cost you thousands of dollars in lawsuits.

Is it worth it?, or should we start looking at adjusting the balance between curating, and creating content.

6 #TwitterTips to Master Twitter for Business

Twitter is a growing network, the fastest growing actually. The network experienced a 44% growth in users from 2012 to 2013. With 550 million registered users and 215 million monthly active users, the site is by far done showing us what it’s got. But right now, those millions of inactive users are, if I had to guess, business accounts that were created in a time of great optimism, and were abandoned like a new year’s resolution.

With this in mind, I wanted to provide every single individual with a twitter account, and wants to grow a community of loyal followers, to check out these 6 tips that will either jumpstart a following, or keep it from puttering out.

5 Ways to Write Better Text Posts

5 Ways to Write Better Text Posts I’m not talking blogs here (though most tips will relate there as well), this post is going to help you write better text posts on social media. Whether it’s your limited characters on Twitter, or the infinite Google+ micro-blog, writing direct and informative content will be more engaging

How to Make a Pin Go VIRAL

Pinning is an art form. It’s an incredible network (but maybe I’m just biased) that really serves this generation’s need for images and interactivity. But some brands are confused why Pinterest wasn’t as cool as people said. Well I’m tired of seeing brands get frustrated so here are the sneakiest tips for making your pins go viral!

Hindsight is 1080

Hindsight is 1080 This year (2013) has been a momentous one for social media and digital marketing. New social platforms have sprung up, and the possibilities for web video have grown. At the end of the year it is always effective to look back, and for 2013, our hindsight is in 1080, not 20/20. Check

6 Social Media Statistics Media 6 is Thankful For

This Thanksgiving season we are looking back at our ancestors, and trying to figure out what we are thankful for. Some may say their friends and family, others may say Netflix and the new season of House of Cards, but us social marketers are thankful for the increase in support for our industry.

5 Social Marketing MYTHS

5 Social Marketing MYTHS Media 6 Solutions is setting the record straight. With the growing popularity of social and content marketing, a mind set has developed in both viewers and creators that’s full of falseties. In preparation for this infographic I did some research on the most popular opinions of social marketing, and I was

5 Ways Content Marketing Will Increase the Quality of Your Leads

Leads. They’re crucial to any sales process, and may be more mysterious than the bottom of the ocean. Many 21st century  businesses have spent time and money learning how to connect with them, sell to them, and keep them long-term. Well I’m about to give you that for free. So how do you connect, sell,

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