Hindsight is 1080

This year (2013) has been a momentous one for social media and digital marketing. New social platforms have sprung up, and the possibilities for web video have grown. At the end of the year it is always effective to look back, and for 2013, our hindsight is in 1080, not 20/20.

Check out the animated timeline of social video in 2014:


Twitter Launches Vine in January


Twitter launches Vine
-Every second there are 5 tweets containing a vine link
-Honda’s #WantNewCar Vine campaign got them 1,020 new followers

Obama Hosts a Google+ Hangout in February


President Obama hosts a G+ Hangout Fireside Chat and receives 140,000 Youtube views

Instagram Launches Instagram Video in June


Instagram introduces Instagram Video
-Instagram video offers 9 more seconds than Vine
-Instagram videos receive two-times the engagement as photos

Astronauts Tweet From Space in September


Astronauts tweet pictures and videos from space
The [NASA] Twitter page now has nearly 250,000 followers

RedBull has 223,000 Youtube Subscribers in October


Red Bull is the most subscribed to brand channel with 13.9 million subscribers

What Does The Fox Say Is The Top Trending Video


“What Does the Fox Say” become the top trending video in 2013 with 290 million views

Google+ Releases Auto Awesome in December


Google+ releases ‘Auto Awesome’ which ads movement/video elements to your still photos

So now we ask you, which would you prefer? Mind-numbing text, or an interesting video? The choice is simple, and in 2014, the choice will be even easier to make.

Written by: Devon Gamble


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