How to Make a Pin Go VIRAL

Pinning is an art form. It’s an incredible network (but maybe I’m just biased) that really serves this generation’s need for images and interactivity. If you’re unfamiliar with the network, it’s basically a big binder that you save all your favorite pictures in. But even better than that, it makes it easy to find inspiration, people with similar interests, and easy to save your favorite web articles and sites.

So what does Pinterest have to do with your marketing strategy? Well right now a lot of business are attempting to take advantage of the network, and pretty much pinning their logo 8 million times hoping someone will think it’s cool, and then are confused why Pinterest wasn’t as cool as people said. Well I’m tired of seeing brands get frustrated so here are the sneakiest tips for making your pins go viral!

Size Matters

Pinterest search pages, boards, and home pages are organized vertically – so think vertical! Not to mention when someone actually clicks on your pin to find out more, they can actually see it! The most effective size is usually around 600×900 pixels. That’s not written in stone, info graphics for example will be taller than that…but NEVER go taller than 1900 pixels.


Pins that teach you things (Do-It-Yourself, Tutorials, Recipes, etc…) receive a 42% higher click through rate, which makes sense considering these kinds of post offer a reward for clicking. A picture of you last holiday party doesn’t.


Colorful pins are re-pinned 40x more than non-colorful pins. That doesn’t mean black&white is evil, but if your image is surrounded by 10 others, you want to make sure it stands out.

Photo Badges

Photo badges are easy ways to describe your pins without having to read the description. It’s pretty easy – all you have to do is open your pic in Photoshop, or even, and add a little description with a pretty font right on the image.

No Faces

It sounds crazy, but seriously pins without faces receive 25% more repins. Now obviously adorable cats are the exception, but if you notice, even fashion bloggers crop out their faces.

Infographics Rule

Due to the orientation of the network, it is crazy easy to read infographics. Most other networks will crop and resize you large image, but Pinterest loves them – and so do Pinners! If you’re interested in creating info graphics, think about creating a Pinterest presence…

Calls to Action

Let’s face it, if you ask Pinners to buy/click through/share they are more likely to. That’s why Pins with calls to action receive 80% more engagement than those without.

Those are just a few tips to get you started – hope you learned a lot!


Written by: Devon Gamble


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