During a recent client meeting, the topic of measurement unexpectedly came up. I mean, really, in this business who ever talks about measurement. But they asked.

Of course, my standard answer is always a mixture of analytics: conversion and click through rates, bounces, and repeat visitors, always ending with “but impressions count!”. No one ever hears that part. Possibly because they are tired of me droning on about numbers that they really didn’t care about to begin with, or perhaps because of the universal difficultly measuring the real impact of an impression. But now, thanks to ThinkGoogle, we have a case study!.

During a recent research effort involving the auto maker FIAT, whose popularity last existed just before I was old enough to spell car, they spelled out some great facts that I am excited to share with clients. Perhaps from now on, I’ll start with “impressions count”, and then proceed to bore everyone to tears.

“… there was a 127% increase in people’s total unaided recall of FIAT when the brand was present.”

“… we were pleasantly surprised to also see a lift in FIAT brand measures thanks to search impressions alone,”

“FIAT’s branding efforts paid off, with year-on-year sales growth of over 120% between 2011 and 2012. By embracing its challenger status in the market and taking an innovative approach to digital, FIAT unlocked the big opportunities in desktop and mobile search.”

SOURCE: http://www.google.com/think/articles/search-revs-fiat-brand.html#utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=twgplus&utm_source=search-revs-fiat-brand.htm

Written by: Chris Gamble


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