social media marketing starts with a blank page and a pen

Social What?

Mashable refers to social media marketing as “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, connect people from all demographics and geographies. By using these platforms to reach out and start conversations, brands are open to relationships previously difficult to obtain, and previous relationships are easy to keep up with in social sphere. The round of golf can be supplemented with a personal note online.

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Content Marketing

Some marketers believe content marketing is completely separate from your social marketing strategy. Here at M6, we disagree. Content allows your brand to not only say, but display a brand culture that the written word can’t. Not to mention, in many social networks images and videos gain much more attention and engagement than text posts. That’s why we aim to create and curate content with a strategy that complements your social goals.

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Social Coaching

There are many things that make Media 6 different that other marketing consultants, but one is our belief in sharing our knowledge. We don’t want you to always need us. We don’t want our clients to be clueless in our strategy and tactics. That’s why we are also your social coaches.

We train your staff to ‘Think Social”. How to find the best content to share, and many other tips we’ve learned over the years. But don’t worry! we never leave you hanging. We frequently identify key success measures, assign homework projects, and develop a custom process.


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