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Website Design

Everything about a website is determined by your website design. From the fonts to the menu structure, there is a designer in a corner somewhere that designed every element. Here at M6, we are not only your designer, but developer. We marry our passion for creativity with our respect for functionality to make the perfect websites.

But we get it, sometimes it’s easier to bypass the creative process and use pre-built themes. Our feelings don’t get hurt, we just find WordPress or Drupal themes that cater to you brand’s culture, as well as provide the functionalities that make it effective, and install and customize it for you.

Website Development

Most basically website development is just the implementation of the design. In most of our client’s cases, our developers build custom plugins, install and customize WordPress templates, and build newsletter templates. We aim to make our development fast, effective, and simple, because no matter what we build, you have to use it.

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E-Commerce Shopping with BigCommerce

“In 2011 there were 167 million online shoppers. By 2016, there will be 192 million” [BayNote]

Services like BigCommerce make shopping even easier for consumers. It’s easy to setup, and easy for users to use. This e-commerce platform that helps you sell both physical and digital products online, and Media 6  is here to help you get the most out of your BigCommerce experience by providing services ranging from design and template layout, to search and social marketing for your online store.

To read the endless list of BigCommerce features and see some template screenshots, jump over to our BigCommerce support page to learn more.

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