Industry: Apparel
Video Production

Media 6 Solutions filmed and produced the corporate video 10 Star Apparel features on their home page. When they approached us with this project, 10 Star was looking for a way to help customers quickly understand their services, and make their competitive edge clear. The Media 6 film crew spent 3 days capturing every machine, in every light, in every corner of their facility in order to translate the depth of apparel production on film. In addition to the location shoot, Media 6 also filmed a green-screened segment in order for the founder, Chase Daniel of the Kansas City Chiefs, to introduce his business in a professional and eye-catching way.

Their video has not only helped increase the time users spent on their home page, but it is frequently used on social media to capture potential customer’s attention, and ultimately aid in their sales process.

Graphic Design

Media 6 Solutions designed the home page graphic displayed above in order to better demonstrate their capabilities to new visitors. Our artist worked with the 10 Star team to create a few ideas, narrow them down, and continue making minor adjustments until it was exactly what they needed.

Written by: Chris Gamble


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