Global reach – with a local impact!

750 million users across the globe spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Social media connects people from all demographics and geography. A sound strategy can allow you to take part in, and guide conversations that can address an national audience, while building a close relationship with your next door neighbor. Using the tools from Google, Facebook and other large social media systems, businesses can understand that conversation and build a connection that crosses boundaries.

Customer retention

Is your brand being discussed? Is every conversation positive? Can you afford not knowing?

Social media encourages two-way communication. When customers have problems or need help, they frequently turn to the web where their friends, and your competition are listening. Being part of that conversation can give your brand the opportunity to address concerns before the competition does.

Customer acquisition

Social media is essentially word of mouth, powered by the web. Users are engaging their friends and contacts about their lives – and the products and services that are part of it. Providing them content to facilitate that conversation adds an additional avenue for your brand to be part of the conversation. One customer with great content, can easily become ten.

Lead generation

Facebook and Linked in are great free tools, but they are also businesses. They provide a free service to users in exchange for the right to know their users on a personal level. This information is available to marketers and advertisers through on-site ads with precisely tuned targeting. This unprecedented access to customers is a source of leads waiting to be developed.

What about B2B?

Personal connections are just as important when dealing with business buyers. The round of golf can be supplemented with an occasional personal note online. Facebook and Twitter are not the only social channels available to your brand. Attachments can be developed through sites liked LinkedIn, used by professionals. Even YouTube has started to shed it’s amateur only status by providing hosting for product presentation and training videos.


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